Media Release: Committee for Dandenong delivers wake up call for Australian manufacturing

Gary Castricum Minister Donnellan Gabrielle Williams- C4D calls for an end to ‘crisis of confidence’
- 1,000 local students to sample locally manufactured product
- Dandenong streets lined with a VLocity DMU train, caravans, buses, trucks

Dandenong and Melbourne’s South East is on the verge of becoming Australia’s largest
manufacturing centre, despite recent set backs to the automotive industry and other manufacturing
An alliance of Local Councils, businesses and agencies are seeking Government and private
investment to create an additional 10,000 local manufacturing jobs to surpass Greater Western
Sydney as the premier manufacturing region in Australia...

Speaking at the inaugural Smart Manufacturing '16 – Dandenong and South East Melbourne on
Show today, Committee for Dandenong Chair Gary Castricum said that the biggest threat to
manufacturing in this country was a “crisis of confidence” which, if remained unchecked, would
curtail investment, destroy jobs and hinder ambition.
“We have to be ambitious when it comes to manufacturing. We have to champion people and
growth,” Mr Castricum said.
“Unfortunately, our perception of manufacturing is often distorted by headlines of closure, relocation
or sale. The reality is that Australian manufacturing is in many instances a success story of leadership,
innovation, commercialisation and local and global expansion. As a nation, we should be encouraging,
celebrating and investing in this story to help the sector truly fulfil its potential and the benefits it
brings to people’s lives.
“Smart Manufacturing '16 shines a defying light on the status of Australian manufacture by
presenting some of the region’s leading innovators such as Jayco, Bombardier, CSIRO, and Chisholm,
as well as nearly 60 exhibitors lining the streets around the Dandenong Civic Centre,” he said.
Exhibitors will be flanked by the 25 meter VLocity DMU train, along with caravans, trams, buses, and
trucks. World leading innovations will also be on show such as a 3D printed working bicycle, the
world’s smallest ultrasound machine, and emergency housing that can be deployed in a flat-pack.
Close to a thousand local students will also enjoy a breakfast produced in the region by manufacturer
Black Swan.
The event is being supported by a cutting edge Symposia, featuring leaders in the industry. The
Symposia will offer sessions that explore in-depth what innovation, advanced manufacturing, R&D,
education and commercialisation means to businesses, the workforce and future outlook.

Mr Castricum explained the vision of the Committee for Dandenong and its alliance members is to
ensure that the region becomes a magnet for investment into the Victorian economy, the centre for
smart manufacturing in Australia, and a renowned centre for manufacturing excellence on an
international level.
Dandenong and Melbourne’s South East is home to over 5,000 enterprises, over 90,000
manufacturing jobs and is responsible for 30 per cent of Australia’s export. It produces over half of
Victoria’s manufactured product and supports one of Australia’s largest supply chains.